Can You Solve The Impossible Quiz? -

Can You Solve The Impossible Quiz?

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Can You Solve The Impossible Quiz? – Thanks for watching!

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  1. YES YES I WON THE $50 DOLLAR GIFT CARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Denis the teeth one means chews food not choose food

  3. Pause the video at 12:01 we can’t see the rest of the words because of his face cam but it says what do you a wingless is all what we can see ❤️😂

  4. DeNiS tHe LaSt QueStIOn WaS CorRecT yOu JuST mIsS coUnTEd ( and yes I watched alexes video )

  5. Also for the Stop,,,question, it means stop,,,,,,,HAMMER TIME

  6. hOw many hOles in a pOlO, all of the capital letters are holes

  7. I have the cats and cosplay game

  8. Choose food…. Chew food Choooose and chew food XD now do you get it

  9. How dumb are u? Choose food means chews food as teeth duh and a Polo you have to include the a in "A POLO"

  10. Mary Rose was the answer because she literally "rose" as in she got up from sitting on the pin

  11. XD it's October of 202. And I still be waiting it!

  12. the Answer was the hammer of the clock one was because:
    "Stop… Hammer time!"

  13. How many holes in a polo 4 DENIS 4 BECAUAE How is one hole holes is another one and polo is two because those words all have holes! I’m late lol

  14. when it said hint its 42 the 42 thats showing in the hint is correct

  15. 4 years… nostalgic this is most old video (maybe)

  16. dang bro you got the whole sqaud laughing at ya

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