Can You Pass The IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball Quiz?! -

Can You Pass The IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball Quiz?!

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Today we take an Impossible Dragon Ball Z Quiz!
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  1. I got only 5 mistakes (+2 misclicks) without ever having watched the show lol

  2. Technically for that cell question you could argue 5 forms

  3. Doesn't Yamcha die 3 times in the main timeline? Saibamen, eaten by buu, and then doesn't he die when frieza blows up earth in resurrection f? And ofc he dies in the future once.

  4. super perfect isnt a form, its a power boost, he doesnt change at all, hes just stronger.

  5. cell has 3 forms, you can say after returning from death had more power, but the form was still his perfect form without the need of the androids, but the form was the perfect form with more power

  6. I have rewatch dragonball z at least 10 times I have watched it since I was 5 I'm 15 know. I'm ready.

  7. Cell forms: Larve, bug, semi perfect, perfect. So it’s at least 4 forms

  8. I got a 100%, Clearly Iam a Major DBZ fan.

  9. cell has 5 forms since everybody counts only cell first form imperfect cell and then perfect cell , but cell has another two forms his seed form that krilin and trunx killed at the lab and then shell cell the thing that bulma have found and was checking out with trunx and gohan . you all wrong

  10. I died cause of lord fridge😂😂🤣🤣

  11. The cell one is bs… u can say 3 witch is technikaly correct but u also can say 4 or 5 , i would say 4 is the correct but not because of the super perfect, that one and perfect form is basicly the same, but because of his cocoon form when he come out from the timea machine.

  12. Well… Technically, Cell has four forms if you count his larval form.

  13. Cell has 5 forms : larval, imperfect, semi-perfect, perfect, and super perfect

  14. So I took this test before watching the video and got a 97. The only one I missed was how many forms does Cell have. I said 4 because I counted the Larva form 😒

  15. Took the quiz before the vid. I had not seen one of the movies so I thought turles was bardock. Then I got one or two more wrong. I had a score of91%

  16. Question 4 and 29 are wrong. 1 year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber = 1 day outside in the real world. On new Namek , they made a wish from Porunga to recharge Goku's energy, then Goku transform into Super Saiyan to push the Spirit bomb back into Kid buu.

  17. the fights against dodoria are life scarring.

  18. Chi-Chi kills Goku for being late for dinner "Whatever, it's not like he won't be back in a year from the dragon balls or whis for that matter."

  19. The question about the God of Earth, the answer could have been Kami too. Though Dende is now the God of the Earth, that title is referred to as "Kami", the previous guardian before Dende was nameless, he was known as the "Nameless Namekian" and was only referred to by his title when he became the Earth's Guardian, so choosing "Kami" as the answer should have been correct too.

  20. Cell has 5 "forms" that we see, but we see 4 different forms so the question was wrong anyway.

    Semi perfect
    Super perfect

  21. Technically cell has 5 if u include larvae form

  22. Question 20. Even if they didn't count super perfect, they completely forgot about Larvae Cell, when he had to revert into a smaller form to be able to fit into the time machine.

  23. In fact Q20 don't have enough answers because theres actualy 6 cell forms-cell form, larva form , imperfect, semiperfect , perfect and superperfect

  24. Does anyone know the name for the outro song

  25. Cell has 4 forms and because the creator of the quiz got that wrong I stopped watching… the larva form is a form

  26. I call BS on the only 4 forms. Do people always forget his Larval form? That would be 5!

  27. The hyperbolic time chamber question is phrased wrong. 1 day in the outside world is equivalent to 1 year in the hyperbolic time chamber. I did this for myself and it’s not even impossible. I’ve seen harder questions than this. Nice idea but don’t give it a name like the “impossible dbz quiz” and give basic questions which is phrased wrong. Great video though👍

  28. 8:47 shouldn’t cell have like 5-6 forms cause like we know imperfect,semiperfect, perfect, and super perfect cell form (4) but wat about his egg for and his larva form

  29. Unsubscribed, super perfect cell is not a new form, it's just perfect cell with a zenkai boost

  30. I didnt even think about super perfect cell but it should be 4 or 5 (if counting super perfect cell) because the 1st form when hes a larve. Its a confirmed FORM because he has 4 forms in the new game.

  31. Easy stuff but I got at least an 86% because my fingers messed up a bit but I knew every question.

  32. I'm watching this 364 days after its release.

  33. So does larva cell just not exist or something…

  34. Technically the answer to question four is like 12 minutes. They just swapped the order so… He kinda got that wrong, but the right answer was literally not possible.

  35. Cell has four forms! not 3! This quiz is lying!

    Larval, Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect

    Five if you count his Super-Perfect form after coming back from self-destruction.

  36. Super perfect cell is not a different form it’s just him Retaining his perfect form without android 17 and 18 in him as well as getting stronger but super perfect cell is not a different form

  37. Question 4 was worded wrong! One day on the time chamber is actually a few minutes real world

  38. Also Yamaha died 3 times!! 1. Saibaman 2. Dr Gero stabs his hand through his heart and 3. Buu eats him

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