Can You Pass The IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball Quiz?! -

Can You Pass The IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball Quiz?!

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Today we take an Impossible Dragon Ball Z Quiz!
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  1. Yamacha died to Frieza when he blew up the planet

  2. Dude Cell has 4 forms, 1 being his larval form

  3. Ok so you can argue that cell has 5 forms if you include his larval form from before he was imperfect

  4. The quiz got it wrong immediately. Counting GT, there are 14 Dragon Balls on Earth.

  5. Cell technically has seven forms: Embryo, Larva, Imperfect, Semi-Perfect, Perfect, Mock-Grade 3, and Super-Perfect, not counting the games.

  6. Actually, Cell has 5 forms: Larva, "Imperfect", "Semi-Perfect", Perfect and Super Perfect.

  7. the first hyperbolic time chamber question is worded wrong, because it's a year in the hyperbolic time chamber equals 1 day. Whereas the question had it the other way around.

  8. me too in kakarot z i didnt realise how to use healing untill i couldnt beat dodoria on namek lol

  9. Yamaha died 3 times in the main timeline 3 times
    Once in sayin saga
    Second to buy
    Final to freeza during Resurrection f

  10. Actually🤓cell would have 5 forms because of his larva form 🤓🤓

  11. bro straight up cell has 4 forms he 4 got larva

  12. It would have actually been cool to argue against that Cell question and proving it wrong considering you had Ace Attorney (Miles Edgeworth investigations) music in the background. But yeah that question was BS. Other than that, this was an easy quiz. Didn't really have any hard questions.

  13. They got the hyperbolic time chamber question wrong. It's how long is 1 day in the real world. Which is 1 year in the hyperbolic time chamber🤓

  14. CELL larva makes 4 you got it right that's bs

  15. the cell 1 was wrong, he has larvar form too so its 4 or 5 with "super" perfect

  16. Actually, Cell has 5 forms: the Larva form, Imperfect Cell, Semi-perfect Cell, Perfect Cell and Super Perfect Cell.

  17. cell has five forms, initially hes in his larval form because he couldnt fit in the time pod, and then then they found his molt he was this big beetle thing, he wasnt a biped until after he ate a few citys and thats when we get intodiced to his """first form."""" so technically the quiz was wrong.

  18. We see evidence of other cell forms. Trunks kills cell in the current timeline in a sort of larvae/fetus form. Then they find an egg shell from the alternate future cell. And there was also that brown carapace form

  19. Doesn’t cell technically have 6 forms? Egg, cocoon (to fit in time machine), 1st, imperfect, perfect, and super cell?

  20. 8:03 the question itself is wrong because there is 5 forms: larvae, imperfect, semi-perfect, perfect, and super perfect.

  21. That quiz is a scam! :O Cell has more than 3 forms, and I don't even think Super Perfect should count. His Larvae form should absolutely count at the very least.

  22. There is a move that traps an enemy inside a jar. It's called the Mafuba (Evil Containment Wave)

  23. If u think about it cell really has 5 forms….larva,imperfect,imperfect 2, perfect, and super perfect….thoughts!???

  24. Cell does have 4 forms they just didnt acknowledge his Larva form which is his true 1st form

  25. The person who made the quiz had better ideas for dragon ball than the actual show 😂

  26. Even without Super Perfect Cell, he also had a larval form. I think they got that one wrong personally

  27. The cell question is b.s. he has 4 if u don't count test tube and super perfect
    1. Larva state 2. Imperfect 3. Semi perfect 4. Perfect

  28. 8:36 – Technically, Cell does have 4:

    And super perfect if you want to include that

  29. I got 77% right,it would have been higher is my memory wasn't so forgetful

  30. I’m so confused with the hyperbolic time chamber one because one real world day is equal to one year in hyperbolic time chamber but they make the question opposite why?

  31. "When thrown at an enemy, theh become trapped inside… they are like pokeballs dude.
    Yes it would actually be Luke Master Roshi's Evil Containment Wave, where he traps King Piccalo in a rice jar. Then brought back in Dragon Ball Super

  32. Got every one right 🔥🔥🔥 I always forget that when android 20 puts his hand thru Yamaha he doesn’t die, gets saved by a damn senzu

  33. The ycha one is wrong
    1 siabaman
    2 buu candy
    3 trunks timeline
    4 in the timeline cell comes from

  34. the hyperbolic chamber question is worded wrong, it says if you spent one day inside how much time would pass outside, 1 year inside is 1 day outside but 1 day inside would be like 2 minutes outside

  35. I like how with these quizzes people don't even need to watch the anime. They can look up all the answers if they really wanted to.

  36. only one i failed is where gohan met videl. i never really paid attention to that scene

  37. Technically cell does have 4 he had a larval state since the cell we know is from the future not past he eent to his larval form before becoming imperfect then semi perfect then perfect so that is 4 forms 5 if you include super cell

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