Can You Beat The IMPOSSIBLE Geometry Dash Quiz? (feat. Tride, Lemoncak3, Xanii, Vortrox, Noice) -

Can You Beat The IMPOSSIBLE Geometry Dash Quiz? (feat. Tride, Lemoncak3, Xanii, Vortrox, Noice)

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In this video, I’ll be challenging 5 other content creators to see who truly knows the most about Geometry Dash

Check out the guests

Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen – Quest for the Skies
Lofive – The Arcade
VELDA – Natura
VELDA – Melodic Mind

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  1. Yesss you picked some really banger questions for this, really enjoyable vid!!

  2. I got 12 points but vortox has not touched grass he knows everything

  3. 10:45 I swear there is a wave that looks like an X wing I have it !!

  4. Got 10 points, was fun playing along, really cool video

  5. 2:20 I remember demon pack 16 existing so I got this right hehe

  6. Well I got 13, I guess I'm not that bad, I remember cyclic icon question because I use that icon and I remember the achievement was based on stars

  7. This was a pretty fun video to watch! I got 14 points.

  8. This is definitely different from how to build like karmal

  9. Never before have I actively participated in a video as a viewer… I got 11 🙂

  10. How on earth do you sound like the text to speech robot

  11. I lost track of my points but I think I got around 10. I really enjoyed this, you picked some awesome questions! 🙂

  12. That was cool. I really enjoy your newer content

  13. Hi flaaroni. Just wanted to thank you for making my geometry dash experience so much better

  14. hey flaaronis back his videos are always the best

  15. the most cracked lineup of features on a vid

  16. 2:14 Actually the Remix Pack 4 displays a demon face, so it would be 18 demon map packs

  17. I know this has nothing to do with t he video but I remember Flaaroni’s how to build like series and i wanna see him try this but with CuLuC style

  18. I got 9 points, all in all really fun video to watchan play

  19. I got the download one, the demon pack one, the cant let go one, the franchise one, the daily demon one, the cyclic icon one, for the stargrinder one i said (SPOILERS AHEAD) Volplay (im in a server with him, although im silent there) Cool and Smiffy, for the most to least downloaded ones i put the same and the object count ones i put the same as vortrox, overall i didnt do too bad, 12 points, i beat noice so ig theres that

  20. For the gd world question you can play all of them

  21. I got both the multiple choices fully correct, I am now better than a gd mod

  22. And here my friends say that Geometry Dash discussions are only associated with rage

  23. This video is a good one but inviting vortox makes it so fing bad. Vortox does gd news and is a mod ofcoarse he is going to win.

  24. Fun fact, when they were talking about rockyjones, I was remembering when he asked me to sub to his YouTube channel on GD XD

  25. i got 9 but i straight guessed on 2 of them

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