Can I Solve the World's Hardest Riddles? -

Can I Solve the World’s Hardest Riddles?

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This was harder than I expected

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  1. 12/15 finally i crashed sam TO DEATH

  2. I see a door behind you 🤣🤣😂😂

  3. 7:22 I maybe have bad english, but he said 'you pass the person who IS (not was) in second place'. Doesn't this mean that you are in the first place and he still IS in second place?

  4. For those who don’t understand about the president one, the video came out during Trump’s presidency, and so he’s saying that the president’s (Trump) name was still Trump in 1996

  5. Gets told that the name is Larry
    Sam: i was actually listening to the question, Barry’s Fa-

  6. If you passed who is in second place, not was, so now you are first

  7. If I got to change my age to how I have lived through I think I would be dead with how old I would be now intelligence probably less

  8. What happens if you’re eight and you don’t know how to drive a bus

  9. My question is how in the heck could you not see Mount Everest?

  10. I see a white guy in a sleeveless shirt wearing a cap talking into the mic and recording himself

  11. My first answer to the how did the man know the scores the players have is that the game has already started and they got their scores or he yelled the players to do the scores he wants

  12. Sam guess what im going to universal studios august 2nd!!

  13. One more riddle: 1+1 = 2, Sam's bus is 2 minutes late. He runs at a speed of 5km/h. What is the square root of Michael's dad?

  14. "So if we didn't see Mt. Everest, how do we know if it's the tallest?"
    Vsauce music starts playing

  15. #14 should be 10 because Mr Anderson is also a boy so he has a dister

  16. Sam i see an idiot influencer but that is probably because i see the worst in people.

  17. Bro showed basketball for american football💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  18. Sam: are we talking about American football or soccer
    Also Sam: proceeds to show a picture of basketball when saying American football.

  19. I see one of the buffest YouTubers I’ve ever seen 😂

  20. 8:47 yes those ppl born on a leap year they get 1 year older every 4 years

    (This is meant to be a joke don’t come at me ok)

  21. "You're driving a bus"
    Pov: You don't have a driving licence

  22. 7:30 black people should always be in first because they're used to running very fast

  23. You can count the 5th quesion as correct
    Its just a listening mistake

  24. Q:14 – If it was 14, then each boy would have 6 sisters. The thing said each boy has ONE sister.

  25. bruh the question with how many time you can subtract 10 from 100, if you didn’t have to follow the rules of them being so technical. it would actually be infinite, because even when you hit 0 you can still subtract numbers from it, it will just go into -10 -20 -30 -40 and so on instead. this is also what i thought but welp got it wrong.

  26. how can you get the one with the doctor and the mount everest questions wrong?

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