Can I Beat The Impossible Quiz BOOK in 2024? -

Can I Beat The Impossible Quiz BOOK in 2024?

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Can I Beat The Impossible Quiz BOOK in 2024? @JackSucksAtLife @JackSucksAtStuff @JackSucksAtGeography @JackMasseyWelsh @JackSucksAtClips

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  1. On the 7th question, it’s illegal because if you separate those words it becomes Ill Eagle

  2. 2:30 is a play on word for tooth hurty so too thhurty

  3. For the dentist appointment being “2:30,” I understood that immediately because in band we have a joke called “what is a dentist’s favorite time?” It’s 2:30 because it sounds like tooth-hurty!

  4. "The Impossible Quiz" is really "The Impossible Task"

  5. Only true Jack fans can like this comment

  6. I just had a really good idea! You should make a video doing tricks according to chatgpt. I was trying to learn the heart trick, but chatgpt was so wrong it was hilarious.

  7. "How is clint eastwood a shooting star"

    Does jack even know who clint is???

  8. “Let’s try the dictionary”
    *clicks newspaper*
    “Alright so it’s neither of the bottom two”
    *clicks the dictionary, top right*
    “Alright so it’s that one, top left”

  9. For the assassins question, I think it is 4 because there are 4 different letters in the word assassins. A, S, I, and N.

  10. I love these types of vids pls do more

  11. that was a great video jack we need a part 2 of this lol

  12. Jack ima try be a youtuber when i turn 13

  13. if he can't do chapter 1 then chapter 2 is gonna be absolute hell

  14. The end is so real, these impossible quizzes 😭

  15. The only thing I could think about was the content we would have on No Context JSAL with this video…Its a gold mine 😔😔😔

  16. jack play the impossible quiz 2 before the impossible quiz book

  17. How was Jack lived here his whole life and not heard of 2:30 lol

  18. You should play there is no game it's puzzle solving like this but it's a lot longer.

  19. In assassins it’s how many different letters
    There is an
    (Four different letters)

  20. 2:30 sounds like tooth hurts
    Go to the dentist when your teeth hurt

  21. My phone died immediately after jack said ‘Bye’

    Great stuff

  22. Skipping the impossible quiz 2 which shows some of the mechanics here is a big failure but impossible quiz 2 is literally impossible in some versions and very VERY hard normally.

  23. Jack dont give up i have the solution. on question 47 you can skip or fusestop the timer by 2 ways .On question 12 click the dots 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and then the blank one then 8,9,10. on the dot popping question click a purple dot to get a fusestopper.everyone knows what skips do but fusestoppers stops the fuse if you cant rub then skip if you cant rub in time but you need more time use fusestopper

  24. is it just me or did the colours change at the very end of the video? could be a glitch.

  25. The o mount of life lined he had 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  26. Bro I am smart I found all of them who els did please say if you did and be honest

  27. The sick eagle is illegal because it’s a ill eagle 😂😂😂😂

  28. for the dentist question, its 2.30 because it sounds like "tooth-Hurty"

  29. 1:08 It is 2 30 because it kind of sounds like tooth hurty.

  30. The reason the dentist appointment is at 2:30 is it is tooth hurty

  31. It's 4 for assassins cuz there's 4 letters look :asin, now do you understand

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