Can A.I. Trick These Minecraft YouTubers? -

Can A.I. Trick These Minecraft YouTubers?

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I Used AI To Make An Impossible Quiz Show to Trick These Minecraft YouTubers. This is Minecraft YouTubers VS Impossible AI Quiz. I trolled them by generating an entire game of Jeopardy with Artificial intelligence (ChatGPT). Can these YouTubers outsmart the AI in this game show, or will they get the answers all wrong?

I tricked Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, Ethobot, and more in this Minecraft YouTuber AI Game Show! This game is like Jeopardy, and inspired by TheTerrain’s I Used a Game Show to Trap YouTubers, and Minecraft AI / ChatGPT / OpenAI GPT3 / GPT2 / etc. Not like Boosfer’s Youtubers VS Social Experiment in Minecraft or Minecraft Lifesteal/Dream SMP. If you’re a fan of game shows and you love to watch smart people compete against each other, then this is the video for you! In this video, I create an impossible game show with A.I. The contestants are Skeppy, quiz show champion BadBoyHalo, YouTuber Ethobot, and the host, myself. I ask different questions, and the contestants try to get as many points as possible. Can Skeppy survive against the smarts of BadBoyHalo? Will Ethobot pull the W? There’s only one way to find out!

PLAYERS: @Skeppy, @thesaintsofgames, @OmarmuMC, @Ethobot, @LCDirects, @ItsOasis, @BeerFunger


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  1. never thought i needed a robot burssty till now

  2. first the ai's are stealing our art now it's stealing our minecraft events

  3. This is so epic gaming. Thank you for this epic gaming moment

  4. Comment For Engaygement🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

  5. this will be so great I love Wheel Of Fortune

  6. Everyone has an equal chance if the questions don't even make sense

    great editing as usual!

  7. this is such a based Burssty video, good job 😀

  8. Haven't seen the video yet, but I know it's going to be a banger

  9. lmfao this was so funny
    you're wayyyy to underrated

  10. i think this is my favorite video of yours great job!!!

  11. Love the editing so much omg

  12. I never did find out what the cuban missile crisis was

  13. This was so funny XD poor rat 🙁 she was so upset lol


  15. This jeopardy game drove us insane why must you do this smh. Great video!! 💙

  16. all the information contained in this video is 100% accurate. trust me.

  17. Classic Burssty to gaslight youtubers with an AI…

  18. This video was really entertaining! Love it 😀

  19. This video is one of my favorite Sarah Burssty videos. Can't wait for the next video 😀

  20. LOL 😀
    Successful and topical trolling even tho you totally could have done that better by hand 😛 AI still not better than humans at art or trolling 😉
    Props to BBH for figuring it out!

  21. Holy smoley, that was worth the wait. Fantastic editing, the swipes with the contestants were super clean.
    That "Cuban Missile Crisis" bit caught me off guard. XD
    And the music choices? NSMB Beach theme at 3:05? YES PLEASE, you have good taste Sarah.

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