Camila Cabello Takes On 'The Most Impossible Quiz' | PopBuzz Meets -

Camila Cabello Takes On ‘The Most Impossible Quiz’ | PopBuzz Meets

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‘Havana’ singer Camila Cabello gets tested on all her knowledge…of herself. Can she prove herself to be her own ultimate superfan? Or can you get more answers right than her?

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  1. I fell sorry for the man because whenever he tried to ask a question he always got interrupted

  2. I supruted him a lot I was laughing so I hard I was rolling on the floor

  3. Imagine Camila singing Impossible on her upcoming tour 🙂

  4. Firstly the impossible quiz is not impossible they just say that to make u think it's impossible

  5. She did where a bow for the song impossible. She were a black bow.

  6. She did wear a bow when she sang impossible!!!

  7. Aww..She's another one of my favourite female music artist…
    She's soo funny sweet and such a joy…Love you CAMILA❤❤❤

  8. If you break up "impossible", it actually spells "I'm possible".

  9. They lied you did wear a bow in impossible

  10. she wore a bow-who else checked impossible right after this video

    nvm she wore a hat in the spanish and english one

  11. She's so cute when she said "Thank you thank you"

  12. My teachers daughter asks Alexa to play piranha oh an an instead of Havana XD

  13. Guys lol not the impossible they sang by the judges house. The second time they sang impossible in Spanish. She was wearing a hat😅

  14. What is your favourite colour?
    Me: Purple?
    Person asking me: No its red

  15. I knew everything about her before this video showed up because I counted how many times in Havana and I study about camila cabello stuff and I knew she only shed one tear in crying in the club *Okay wait stop, no no nope wait* I love my little tiny brunette so much! <33

  16. She says she posted 60 and he says 303 so theres your 3×6 666 for the mark of the beast…these shitheads are eating from the devils pot..just like her name is c c for your number 33 in numerology…wake up man camilla is a drag man..its not a woman its a drag queen

  17. Such a Huge Brain for Camila… Huge sense of Humor… Loveyah babe…

  18. in a year so far Camila’s posted 303 photos…. I’ve posted 3…..

  19. I am her BIGGEST FAN , reply if you are the one.

  20. that one guy that kept getting interrupted is totally me

  21. She is wearing a bow on impossible a black bow

  22. Everyone hate Jesus because he spoke the truth.

  23. She was actually wearing a bow in imposible lol

  24. 3:16
    Camila: I'mma have to look back at that video (Impossible X factor with 5H members)

    Me: omg you're maling me cry *sobs for 1 hour*

  25. Sooo many funny i hv been laughing non stop

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