Beating the impossible quiz -

Beating the impossible quiz

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That’s right, I beat the impossible quiz by Slap-I mean, Splapp-me-do! -And without cheating-
I don’t know how to record sound properly, so…
(If anyone knows where I can find the instrumental version of the Yeah Yeah Yeah song, please tell me).

You can play it on a lot of places:

(^Has no music)
PD: I’m working on the new video, that should be on soon.


  1. i can play faster than him, but after the shooting star (that i just passed today ;D) im so slowwww (btw they hate sonic)

  2. but im on mobile and the anwsers are diffrent…..

  3. Anybody watching this in 2018 in Christmas before 2019. And also play this game in 2018 before

  4. I only got to 91 on this quiz. I feel stupid because that question was easy.

  5. There are no sound effects on this video!

  6. how long did this take you? this would take me 10 years lmao

  7. Literally no one:
    Fucking youtube 12 years later:

  8. Let me guess you didn’t search for this

  9. Only took youtube 13 years to recommend this to me.

  10. I take a screenshot and take credit…🥴just kidding

  11. this guy beat the impossible quiz so that we didnt have to.
    because that's what heroes do.

  12. See you guys in 10 years when this is back in your recommend(:

  13. Who else copied this guy so you could just beat it?

  14. Why did YouTube recommend this to me 12 years later?

  15. Lives Sacrificed: 1
    Skips founded: 7
    Skips used: 0
    Grade: A

  16. this video came out in 2007 and its 2020 lol who else is watching this in 2020

  17. Me at 2012: What I watching?
    Me at 2021: WTF, This video is back!
    My birthday: 2008

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