Beating the impossible quiz 2 -

Beating the impossible quiz 2

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I was on a row!
I perfected the first part, which has allowed me to upload two second parts: one where I use the three fusestoppers and get a B+ and other where I don’t use anything and get an A* ^_^
This is part 1.

You can play it in several places:


  1. @mrfartboy101 YES U! dont try to act all weepy eyed on me cuz u r a noob!!!

  2. @sunderland46 I heard its a specially remixed for the quiz, I wish i can find it somewhere too.

  3. @sunderland46 I heard its a specially remixed for the quiz, I wish i can find it somewhere too

  4. @Arienari
    The Music (both the first song and the one for when you start the quiz) is by 'The Go! Team'
    The song for question one is called 'Get it Together'


  5. @sunderland46
    Its called 'Get it Together' by 'The Go! Team' 😀

  6. You Missed out the last EPIC Levels of this game. :3

  7. @BigCatsFanatic you press the right key (up down left right) from your keyboard.

  8. @BigCatsFanatic you hit the right arrow key on your keyboard

  9. How do you know the code. I doln't see it in quest 67

  10. On the question from the random code . It was the code u have to remember from the first game

  11. Seriously, what does the impossible quiz have against Sonic??

  12. i dont pay attention to the numbers, i just click the faces. (this is the order) 4, 7, 3, 8, 1, 5, 2, 6, just click that order

  13. the answer was the right key on your keyboard and he anwsered

  14. i got to 77 than messed up i never got up there again now i just get to the 60


  16. Why is there so much violence in this game are they trying to be stupid if kids like me play this this game is cruel

  17. You just played the non-music version with the music in another window! XD

    (1) On Q 50, the music didn't change to F-F-F-F-F-F-F-E-E-D-C- A-Bb-C A A F G F (Badly Drawn Dawg theme)
    (2) On Q 52, there's a part of the song I've never heard in the background of the game. Splapp probably just took an excerpt.

    Besides, "Panther Dash" (The Go! Team) is also supposed to be there.

  18. You can't do all this in one shot without losing any lives. You used a YouTube video, to get all the answers.

  19. Why you kill the cat and dog 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  20. I subbed and I want to know how you solve these so QUICKLY

  21. Guys fun fact,I was 2 when this video came out

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