BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE - The Impossible Quiz -


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Normally when you fail a quiz you get angry parents. Instead, I get to eat dog food, rotten eggs and baby wipes. The impossible quiz bean boozled challenge isn’t fair.

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“Thief in the Night” “The Complex” “Discovery Hit” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. I cried when he was like no walrus. Also how do you know that wasn't boogers and it was really weird.

  2. Dog Food,, Stinky socks,Barf, And Booger are amazing Moldy Cheese sucks

  3. Me and my brother did that challenge I got dog food spit it out and left I was so done XD

  4. I like how the outdo music stops when he talks at the end

  5. OK for the backwards one I was like that is easy but one of us has trained themselves to recognize backwards words for April fools on among us And I’ll give you a hint it is not captain sauce

  6. I’ve never heard cap say the f word before


    it changed so much

  8. Cap: I can still taste baby wipes and rotten eggs or whatever you want to call it

    Me: I call it entertainment

  9. Now you know what oo means

  10. They replaced skunk and liquorice with rotten fish and strawberry bannana

  11. Shoe polish was correct because it has silver in it

  12. I have a bad experience with been boozleled thing because the first one that I ate in my entire life was vomit and I never had it again

  13. Honestly Lawn clippings are not that bad
    I did this once and the worst was the canned dog food god that stuff tastes horrible

  14. I never ate baby wipes before – Captainsauce

  15. how do those people know what all the nasty things taste like

  16. brown willy is a large hill you can climb in cornwall

  17. CaptainSauce: hopefully the impossible quiz isn’t too impossible.

    Me: You have no idea

  18. I've never heard this one but I've heard all of the others but I have not downloaded it

  19. I have had the toothpaste flavor it is pretty good

  20. The fact that he doesn’t get some of the easiest ones but knows the hard ones…

  21. Wait I just thought of the real question how do they know what each things taste like

  22. 11:44 I'm more concerned with the fact that you know what burning garbage and bleach taste like

  23. "Sit the fvck down baby wipes there is a new contender in town" — Captian Sause of May 3, 2016

  24. No it was buttered popcorn buttered popcorn is a bad flavor in general

  25. isnt that what you wipe babies with? burning gabage?

  26. Hey captainsauce, how do know what bleach or chemicals taste like?

  27. I played it with my friends a uno game the loser had to eat one as the winner got a nothing

  28. His intro here is so less cool than the one he has on crazy fishing

  29. You should just crush the beans with your fingers then smell it i know from testing.

  30. Haven't tasted baby whips but you've tasted burning garbage

  31. Shoe polish is made with silver silver kills werewolves

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