BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE | The Impossible Quiz 2 -

BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE | The Impossible Quiz 2

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Watch me eat vomit flavoured jelly beans while playing The Impossible Quiz! FUN TIMES!

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Outro animation by the amazingly talented James Farr:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


  1. I have played with my sister the bean game I hate that game we actually threw up we kept getting horrible ones

  2. There's a trick to know if it's good or bad break it in half

  3. I wonder who taste test these and says. Yup this tastes like barf

  4. The official counter for bad beans: 7/9 of Jack's beans were bad, for a grand ratio of 7 bad: 2 good

  5. 10:16 when I don’t have money to buy anything on Xbox or PlayStation but i really want to buy it anyway but I would get my ass whooped by my mother and that I also find out I have a test the next day so I have to study

  6. Explanation of Question 1

    The answer to this question is "Up his sleevies", since by "armies" it's referring to the general's arms, and arms usually go underneath clothes, more specifically inside the sleeves. This way, "sleevies" are meant as "sleeves" for the "armies"

  7. I just had a cheater get me kicked out of the game I was in and you calmed me down

  8. The new jelly bean flavour should either be red apple or fresh squid


  10. 2:13 Carmel Corn or Moldy Cheese (Peach or Barf)
    4:30 Berry Blue or Toothpaste
    6:59 Coconut or Baby Wipes
    8:45 Juicy Pear or Booger
    9:40 Tooty Fruity or Stinky Socks
    10:21 Licorice or Skunk Spray
    11:56 Tooty Fruity or Stinky Socks Again
    12:34 Lime or Lawn Clippings
    13:23 Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food

  11. michael jackson girl and Jacksepticeye says:

    Jacksepticeye plz don't be pissed at me but I have crush on you I'm sorry to tell you this plz give me heart if you feel OK about it 🙁💚for a comment the reason why I have crush on you because you are so funny and nice man and I love your smile and hiar because it is beautiful 💚don't be angry with me because in school I'm getting sad 💚💚

  12. How do the people who make bean boozeld know how it tastes like

  13. Man he is sooo excited when he's doing his intro lol

  14. I’m going on a jacksepticeye-abusing-his-gag-reflex binge.

  15. Jack: I don’t wanna eat vomit flavor
    Me: vomits most of the day

  16. who ever had done bean boozeld you would know how painful

  17. If your still watching this, your a legend

  18. Six years later and this video still makes me laugh until I cry 😂

  19. I remember this was the first jacksepticeye video i'd ever watched and i'd laugh my ass off whenever he'd cuss bc i wasn't supposed to be watching this stuff 😄

  20. When you secretly watch this when your supposed to sleep and turn it up all the way by accident…

  21. Crazy how this was the first vid I watched from Jack, I watched this like 2017-2018. Time flies bro 😪

  22. Sawn: This is good this can only on a good way
    The bean: Are sure about that
    Sawn: It's toothpaste it's not evan nice toothpaste

  23. As a Welshman I did lol a little at the Whales joke.

  24. a kid had skunk spray and throw up all over the table XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD like puke came out of his nose it aint on YouTube its on facebook u can find it on google images XDDDD he puke 3 times out the nose like GUYS skunk spray is the worst 1 ever i XDDDDDD

  25. The thing is been Boosel old you won’t know what you’re going to get until you eat it that’s the whole point of it because two of them look the same

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