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[ASMR] The Impossible Quiz 2

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It’s the sequel to the most confusing, irritating quiz of them all… in ASMR, it’s the Impossible Quiz 2! Watch as I try not to rage to these tedious questions and help you relax with this fun ASMR gaming video.

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  1. I think the german gardens one is because lederhosen has "hose" in it

  2. This was so cool Dido love ur channel and everything you do

  3. Pure, chill content that not only makes me think, but also helps me battle my chronic insomnia.
    Keep on keeping on Dido, you make our days a little easier to bear👍

  4. Dido dont call it astrology thats the start sign bs. Astronomy is the real scinece

  5. You should play shorties’ castle 3 on crazy games

  6. Some of these were so obvious and you guessed the actual answer if it wasn’t a trick and not the trick answey

  7. Number 6 is a bit unfair.
    How is it 8? It is not like the creator replace THIS with THE. Then you'd probably got it correct.

  8. For question 10 the answer was nothing because when you clicked nothing happened

  9. i recently found your channel and i have been absolutely loving your content! im the kind of person who watches asmr literally all the time. when im sleeping, cleaning, working, painting, etc so i really prefer to watch ANY youtube video in asmr form. thats why i love your videos because i get entertaining asmr that i wouldnt normally find so ty !! i love the gaming vids + please make more conspiracy videos ❤️

  10. I love your content Dido! I have a suggestion if you can, I love seeing the game play videos like cool math games would you also try playing papas pizzeria games those were my favorite growing up thank you so much for all the tingles

  11. Hello fellow viewer. I am here to report at the time of writing, a staggering 29% of comments have explained to Dido the American joke

  12. Hey idk if he notices this later in the video but the joke on question 4 is
    A- meri- can
    As in a merry can

  13. 🤣🤣 the question with the Germans bro 😂😂😂 Lederhosen are leather pants so that doesn’t make any sense lmao and as a member of the German society 🤣 we water our gardens just like any other human being on this planet lmao

  14. When you went to pick up the word “penguin” from question 10, nothing happened. Thus giving you your answer to the question of what happens when you try and pick up “a penguin”

  15. My favorite trigger of yours is the “babababa thumbs up” trigger lol

  16. Just to let u know
    Number 4 was American and the joke was a-merry-can

  17. Question 4 is American, beacuse it can be read as "a merry can". That's pretty much all about it

  18. So close to 100k now getting closer to the end of the stair case good job Dido 👍

  19. This guy should be at 500K by now, awesome content!

  20. I‘m german, Lederhosen means something like leather pants, but I don’t see the sense to be honest!

  21. American. A merry can.

    Merry. Jolly. Christmas.

  22. The answer to the can question is American because American kind of sounds like a merry can

  23. American- A meri can ( it's a Christmas can so it's merry)

    Thank me later

  24. On question 6 ( the one asking how many letters in this sentence ) the answer was 8 because there's 8 different letters in THIS SENTENCE lol

    Now I look at it again and its not making sense but that's the closest I got someone go back and help me figure this out 11:32

  25. bruh, he clearly knew the answer to the penguin one, stop faking it for content. It literally said picked up and you started but then stopped and skipped it bruh

  26. i love how you do entertaining things but make it relaxing !!! thank you <3

  27. His face on question 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂☠☠

  28. I was so glad when it finally clicked on question 14 🤣

  29. English ain't my first language, but isn't there a difference between Green House and a Greenhouse?

  30. Yo when are you starting the Minecraft series again? Would love to see it.

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