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[ASMR] The Impossible Quiz 2

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It’s the sequel to the most confusing, irritating quiz of them all… in ASMR, it’s the Impossible Quiz 2! Watch as I try not to rage to these tedious questions and help you relax with this fun ASMR gaming video.

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ASMR is a tingling sensation that creates relaxation through auditory sounds, visuals and more. Click here to read more:

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Camera: Sony A6000
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  1. 4,8K subs away from 100k!!!!!!!! The silver plac is definitely yours bro. You had like 92k a week ago, growing fast!

  2. The one with “How many questions are there in the first quiz?” probably meant how many questions(sentences that end with a question mark) are written there.

  3. 4. American —> a “merry” can. Merry meaning jolly and full of Christmas spirit.

    Hope this helps

  4. It took me a while aswell but its “a merry can” instead of just American. If that makes sense

  5. The question that’s answer was “american” is really meaning “a merry can” because during Christmas your happy or merry.

  6. Bruh at 18:11 you were supposed to PICK UP the word a penguin, you can literally see the words move when you click it at 17:51

  7. The answer to the first question was up his sleevies, they "misspelled" arms just like they did with sleeves. (On purpose of course) in question 12 the question was already upside down so answering it normally was upside down

  8. Dido i really love your videos but man, i watch you struggle so hard with these questions which are so easy to me. But im not here to hate. Love you😘

  9. Plzzzz do another one part 3 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. For question 10 u were supposed to drag “penguin” up

  11. I think little alchemy 2 would be a good game for asmr

  12. In editing softwares you can make a portion of the screen darker.

  13. bruh i was so mad when you picked up the penguin and it moved a bit but you didn't see it and you skipped it-

  14. dido: "sit back, relax, and enjoy"


  15. Idc that he is a asmr and i HATE asmr but he is an acception with his five finger forehead

  16. The green house question the answer to it was paint because when u point ur mouse to the choice paint it turns green and so it becomes green paint thats why it is the answer at least what i think

  17. Omg he was making me mad I was guessing all of them right and then he was like oh it’s not gonna be that it’s another one and then he would get it wrong and then when he would do the one I thoug he got it RIGHT

  18. I can’t really love your vids you are awesom

  19. Not gonna lie this guy looks like my old form teacher 😂

  20. 21:00 i am german and the german word for "water" is "Wasser" and the anwerfen "Lederhosen" is completle wrong, as a good german you have to pee on your flowers! Dido is right!

  21. 18:12 when u was confused the butten didnt work look closely u ser whan i clicked it it moved so u need to move the word penguing

  22. You have the face of someone who would be good at asmr

  23. 7:31
    You mean astronomy. Don't worry, I get them mixed up too. Astrology is zodiac signs and stuff

  24. the American one stands for A merry can

  25. First time ever I experienced something ASMR-like was when I was 8 or 9 in Primary School. My Teachers Voice was kinda soothing, but i never knew how to describe the tingly Feelings that felt great. I thought I was the only one getting Tingles because nobody back then in my Class, described or I think even realised those sensations, but it was scary because I thought I'm turning gay because the suprisingly soothing Whispers came from a Man

  26. Well the American thing it has a Christmas hat on and it’s a can so “A Merry can” lol

  27. American is A meri Can as in mery meaning a mery can

  28. 9:39 it was american because if you break it down its A- Merry- Can like a happy can basically

  29. you can cheat on number 12 by right clicking

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