Angry German Kid: Episode 29: AGK plays the Impossible Quiz -

Angry German Kid: Episode 29: AGK plays the Impossible Quiz

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After Leopold hears of the Impossible Quiz, he vows to prove that it isn’t impossible.


  1. Wow, he goes insane cause it;s wrong when he gets it right! XD

  2. @MohdAKSnake Zdsoft screen recorder, you need to search for a way to get it for free on youtube tho

  3. that was absolutely best episode I've ever seen!

  4. @TheKewlOne96
    Again, good job. Keep it on, or Leopold will come for you 😀 :p

  5. agk how i got that worng!!!!
    computer u speell horse wornge
    agk wat!!!
    comupter is h-o-r-s-e noob
    agk no! your a n00b!!!!!!

  6. lol the really big question was easy it was the word really big

  7. its cuz he wanted a HORSY [iminent=kHqCziUL1VEE]

  8. lol Blip-Blop-Bloop-Banga-O Langa-Woof,Nubby-Frrph 120,000-Eckleck-Ooo-Looo-A scap-Babble-De Bobble Wop.

  9. Hahaham i'ts funny how Leopold always gets angry of everything

  10. he dosnt neither know hot to speel horse in parodies lol

  11. I just gave the game a try. Talk about it being impossible. I can't find a way to not touch blue on Question 5

  12. Actually I've made it farther the Dumbass Leopold did.

  13. you should get dxtory,its a better program to record games,i used that shit too,i think it sucked because of the shitty video quality,dxtory is miles better

  14. Samuel it is called 115 by elena siegman i think her name is


  16. the impossible quiz has 30 questions in it impossible quiz 2 has 120 questions in it i think

  17. Easy question game please download here " Easy question

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