After playing Geometry Dash for 4 YEARS, is The Impossible Game still hard? -

After playing Geometry Dash for 4 YEARS, is The Impossible Game still hard?

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I haven’t played The Impossible Game since the first year of my YouTube channel back in 2013, and so I decided to go back and see if it’s still challenging. I’ve been playing Geometry Dash now for over 4 years so let’s see how easy it is in comparison!

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  1. If I play this game, I will be mad. Fix the bugs yo. I need help.

  2. Gd player:triple spikes is pretty easy

    The impossible game: hold my beer


  4. "blind jumps, bad sync, no coins, weird trolls, bad use of 1.0 style, looks like a recent tab level but better (in a bad way)"

  5. hdfojsbcjd sdfsdhsfsdhksfdkhskshksvdh says:

    the impossible game is indeed…


  6. i love how eric put the last chapter as "he Impossible Game Start" because his facecam is covering the "T"

  7. I actually had watched all your videos of The Impossible Game.

  8. I had so much trouble with Level 3 – Heaven on no flags that I skipped to Level 4 – Phazd

  9. Level: fire aura

    Me: veitnam war flashbacks

  10. Chaos fantasy song gives me cycles vibes

  11. Of course they had to name the hardest level heaven, should’ve named it hell lmao.

    It’s really cool seeing other people who enjoyed this game. As a kid I grinded through and beat all the levels on Xbox and I just beat them all again as an adult on my iPhone. Ive never met another person who enjoyed this game tho so seeing other people who loved it gather here is heart warming, such a fun game.

    Btw this is a secret but if you’ve read this far you deserve to know… on heaven, when you have to make it through those 13 triple spikes in a row, the first 8 triple spikes can be completed with a 100% success rate. All you have to do is continue to hold down the jump button after you finish descending the black squares and your continuous jumps will be at the perfect distance every time! So all you have to do is time the other 5 triple spikes correctly and you’re through! It makes the hardest part of the hardest level null and void. You’re welcome lol and the same concept is true for the two triple spike jump in level one. Cheers!

  12. I have tried to recreate the Original Fire Aura in GD this is OG. Always use to play The Impossible Game when I was young.

  13. I tried Heaven And it took me 6.9 HOURS

  14. EVW from the past: HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS?!?!?!?!?!

  15. It didn’t Make geometry dash the makers of geometry dash copied the game and now geometry dash has stole the hipe

  16. Love the impossible game, even tho it's small I love the soundtrack especially heaven <3

  17. I was racing you and you beat all the levels before me so you win🏆

  18. I swear spikes use to appear and disappear out of nowhere troll style back in the day 🤔 or am I just thinking of cat mario

  19. heaven blocks appear in front of you part vs geometrical dominator black part who winssssss?????

  20. Songs in The Impossible Game:
    Kid2Will – Fire Aura
    ParagonX9 – Chaoz Fantasy
    EnV – Heaven rd 2
    Tobycreed – Phazd
    Psy-nigma – Rustic Runes
    Vaporize – Abstraction
    Supradarky – Strollin'

  21. Ive beaten impossible game once took 2 fucking years…but Geometry dash is much more fun but Geometry dash takes the cake 🎂 ……… GD wins oh…subbed..if you read comment

  22. Eric: Beats an EXTREME demon in 1 attempt
    Also Eric: Dies on the first level of this game.

  23. I've known chaos fantasy for like half my life and I heard it before I knew what the game was lol

  24. Now that The Impossible Game 2 is released, you should play it as well.

  25. Bruh seriously dies at the very end of Phazd but still won

  26. If you pay close attention to the song in Heaven, you'll make out the saying, 'control your violence.'

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