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A Classic Troll Game – The Impossible Quiz

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Today we play the Impossible Quiz #Sponsored
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  1. Jerome you can't use any skip if u want to win in the impossible quiz

  2. When are you going to continue with l4d

  3. Sorry to break it to u but he is probably acting like he does not know the answer “oooh it’s gotta be this one” on the smallest one and the rest it was just obvious he knew it and wa s tryna make the video interesting.

  4. I've completed the impossible quiz before

  5. You know what Jerome, I admire you for being like the way you are. Not playing Fortnite 24/7 and playing the games YOU want to play. Because why have your job if you don’t enjoy it? ✊

  6. Uh you discussed me marmite yum…. REALLY

  7. Jerome you should go back and finish the game. It’s pretty satisfying

  8. When Adobe flash is going to no longer be supported soon and the flash games will all sadly die off 🙁

  9. Its amazing to see how hard you are grinding! You deserve every thing you have going for u

  10. lol I got to the first epic question 101 but lost cuz I was too slow

  11. Haha when Jerome did the bridge he had AdBlock

  12. I memorised all the answers and I couldn’t even complete it 😤

  13. For the record, there are ducks with afro's. They are called crested ducks.

  14. Jerome you need to do a 4 hour live stream of camp jeromsy and help droppsy level up in shell shock live

  15. Jerome when are you going to do another pixelmon series?

  16. Who also spent like 2 years in school finding out all the answers without looking them up?
    Edit: I was able to beat this.

  17. He used asf intro for ace anyone else notice

  18. When you use your main channel’s intro for your second channel

  19. I've gotten to 84 but I've only gotten past the toe one once

  20. Anyone else memorize the first 80 answers

  21. Right click bring mouse to left side then left click

  22. Is this the Jerome that played Minecraft with sky?

  23. I got every question right my first time this game is more like possible quizz to me.

  24. Lmaoo i loved this game i used to try to do it but i only got to like 70 or something

  25. On the put your mouse here you can click+hold and drag it across to the other side

  26. Click and drag across the blue works for some reason, too.

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