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A Brand New Impossible Quiz?! | The Impossible Quizmas Christmas Miracle

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Welcome to a holiday-themed episode of GTLive! Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate a season filled with compassion, love, and kindness than a cutthroat quiz testing all our holiday expertise. Join Steph and I as we flunk our way through this impossible quiz!

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  1. skip always looks like he's about this close to just killing everyone

  2. Why are you tarnishing the Australian accent by replacing it with the BRITISH accent?

  3. Steph was on fire this stream. She had me laughing almost every time she spoke

  4. Did they ever finish the impossible book quiz?

  5. Mathew goes crazy about his "parka" at the beginning

  6. How much diet coke did you have before this stream mat pat

  7. when you don't understand the pun because you are american and your accent is ruining the pun because the creator is british and people from England get annoyed that Matt and Steph don't understand it.

  8. I get SOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoyed when they don't understand the British jokes and puns that i am legit getting mad. Also it is sweet baby Jesus because it's a gummy baby not a sour patch kid as sour patch kids are an american sweet that aren't very popular.


  10. My orchestra teacher gave us a scary thought he said how there will be an entire generation of senior citizens calling each other bruh and yeeting empty bottles

  11. My summer car reference question 1!!!!

  12. It’s coz that’s all the skips you will get

  13. I'm new here. Sorry I'm late.

    What I wanted for Christmas….I never got.
    I'm unable to work.
    I wanted two tickets to visit my cousin and friends in Brazil.

  14. I chomp my candy canes, what are you talking about?

  15. This is the worst year ever, and it isn't even over yet.

  16. Did they never finish playing The Impossible Quiz Book?

  17. For the missile Toe one, it also makes sense because it’s a TOW -missile

  18. matt knows EXACTLY how you eat a candy cane.

  19. 2016: this year was the worst
    2017: this year was the worst
    2018: this year was the worst
    2019: this year was the worst but 2020 gonna be GREAT

  20. Florida: no f*ck snow what is this bullsh*t

  21. People who think 2017 was the worst year ever…..😡

    2020 laughing hytsterically… you have no idea 😈

  22. What’s the rights spelling?

    Angels. Angles

  23. I cant watch impoosible quizes cause i just yell at the screen

  24. The solid surname philosophically wreck because island willy weigh round a doubtful chauffeur. placid, nosy ruth

  25. they updated question 9 because flash player died lol

  26. they said the drawing looks like a pokemon and several years later they are now somehow right, regieleki looks almost exactly like that drawing and its both crazy and hilarious

  27. 53:01 Wow
    So the impossible quiz 1 was made in 2007 but THIS one was made in 2017 so it’s saying if you played the 2007 game do you still remember?
    BUT in the 2007 game there was this thing called remember blue red blue yellow they played 2007 game in 2015 so they remember in 2 years and Birby

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