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99% IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!! (Happy Wheels)

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Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Mighty & High


  1. pigs have less neck bones they physically can not look up

  2. I liked and subscribed and clicked the bell

  3. I am Slogomans fan and Jordi also gave us wrong information ._.

  4. Don't you know about the emperor penguin

  5. I don't know Spanish either I know some tho

  6. Those people are idiots but listen dude

  7. Queen Mary 2 its true it's not the biggest cruise ship but it's the biggest ocean liner

  8. And titanic it's a baby compared to queen Mary 2 they are idiots titanic sank

  9. Queen Mary 2 is in service way larger

  10. Also dude did you know there's another ship coming in 2022 or so it's gonna surpass the harmony of the seas

  11. Omg when the question said when was the first mincraft in 2011 the answer was 18 of nov and that’s my birthday

  12. This biggest cruse ship is the freedom ship and the harmony of the seas its in 4th place but the harmony of the seas its still big

  13. Skoda is a symbol of a car that was made from the Czech Republic 🤞🤘🖖😍🤓

  14. Skoda makes cars. I know it because I am Czech.

  15. KebbelKop man you downld moboal legends and let's play

  16. Bro he doesn't know why pig can't look up

  17. And he doesn't know that pig is the only animal that can't look up

  18. Hey Kops! Make sure to hit the bell and let me know!

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