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9+10=21? – Nerds play the Impossible Quiz

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What’s better than a nice bubble bath after a long day at work? Not this! Today we play the Impossible Quiz to see if we can make any of the Nerds loose all their hair from stress.

Play the Impossible Quiz:


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  1. I think the only one i could figure out was 24-7

  2. For the “what is 24-7” question it was question number 17 all you had to do was click the red circled the 17 in the corner and you would’ve gotten it right

  3. "what kind of horseshit is this?" well you answered it yourself.

  4. 9 + 10 split the factors to 3 and 3 also to 5 and 2, 5 ×3 =15 while 2×3=6, 6 + 15 = 21


  6. I was raging while watching it because I know all the answers lol

  7. 7:30 I know what to do for this one.. the letters in the word BOGGY Gives clues.. B stands for blue O stands for orange the 2 G's stands for green Y stands for yellow

  8. The 27-4 one drove me crazy because I saw it way before then and I was screaming at the screen

  9. I was screaming 17 at the top and he didn’t press it 😡😡😡😡😡

  10. This annoyed me so much because it was so easy like I knew every single one

  11. The choose food was a pun for chews food

  12. Ive gotten to like question 70 something on this and its sad watching them try to even get to question 10

  13. On number 17. the answer was the number of the question

  14. 'it doesn`t make any sense!!!!!' wtf it makes sense,

  15. On number 17 you have to press the number 17 lol

  16. Question 17 u just had to press the number 17 at the top urghhhh that annoyed me sooo much

  17. For question 17 I was looking and screaming in the corner you

  18. This game is very similar to quiz parampaa,lol.I really enjoy it😂

  19. 1.4 I played it at school
    2.no but a tin can
    4.the answer
    5. You already know go around
    6. Shallots
    8.in the middle close to the left side
    9.the second one
    12.on top of i
    14. A torch
    17. Click the 17.
    I don’t feel like doing the rest

  20. Are you sure the black guy is a nerd? 24-7 can either equal 21 or -4?

  21. I played as well and couldent go past 24

  22. I was screaming at question 17 like it is up there click there

  23. number 17 had me so triggered i was yelling “THE NUMBER ON THE LEFT” i was mad that they couldn’t get it

  24. Omygod one of them is wearing a guava juice shirt

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