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5:39 – The Impossible Quiz 2 Any% World Record

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Ok so this was one of the most unexpected insane feats that I’ve done. Sub 5:40 has finally been achieved and all I needed was a working hand!
The crazy part is if I had gotten 43?9 enter, a better Q104 window wipe, and also Q112 and Q120, the time could have been lowered to an unreal 5:35!!

This video is not as memorable as my 5:43 video but nevertheless I finally have a time that I am satisfied since I broke such a significant barrier. If you are wondering how I got so fast, please watch my 5:43 video linked below.

To see my old WR of 5:43 dedicated to Jagame, click here:
To see an even older record on 60hz of 5:57, click here:
To see a spreadsheet analysis I made featuring the whole speedrun leaderboard of the game, click here:

Au5 feat. NOHC “Awaken” –


  1. I have a question, how are you still playing the NotDoppler version?

  2. why'd you specifically skip question 50 (and how tf did you do question 39)

  3. I just realized that using the same setup as osu players do could be really good for speedrunning this game

  4. how do you type that fast on your keyboard

  5. You couldve clicke the purple pimple

  6. YouTube asked me to rate this recommendation, I gave it the highest rating possible, thank me if it goes viral

  7. what keyboard do you have it went insane on this run lmao

  8. I was about to ask why British people are so good at thsi game, but I guess it was made by one

  9. how the hell do you type so fast (not excluding many inputs that make noobs feeble before you and insanely fast accurate clicks)

  10. Congrats on the PB!
    As a fellow SRC runner I can apreciate this a lot
    Your gameplay is insane, I can't even complete 104 without a fusestopper lol

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