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  1. You know, seeing all the videos of people playing this, this is the first time I've ever seen what happens if you fail question 108.

    Also I could never get past those fucking toenails.

  2. by polo it means the mint called polo so you had it easy for question one its four beacause one in the mint and 3 in the word

  3. Mate the answer to question no 108 is 4 8 15 16 23 42

  4. I think you can actually farm skips in level 84…

  5. 18:00 "You are my candy girl." Sugar, honey, honey. If you know how the song goes, it's obvious.

  6. It was annoying to watch, he guessed on most of the questions instead of trying

  7. Dude i cant believe someone actually did the whole game without leaving like so puny big youtubers

  8. FOR NUMBER 40 I LITERALLY CHEESED IT, I made a huge brain play and pressed my menu button thingie, then i moved my mouse over to the spot without touching the pink. I'm so smart. lol

  9. In the sorry no skipping ones, you can skip them. lol

  10. Ah yes. What's the last color for BOGGY? Yink.

  11. The impossible quiz…. Not impossible any more

  12. In the thumbnail you look like Filthy Frank mixed with Vector LMAO. Love your vids btw.

  13. Why is this stupid game soo fuc$ing entertaining

  14. At first he talks about how it isn't really a quiz, and it's mostly trial and error. Then he goes through clicking all 4 options, and starts screaming "I clicked them all!!!" Um, no obviously you didn't. I've never seen someone get so far in this quiz, while being simultaneously so mentally handicapped and so angry.

  15. The end of the game has a LOST reference? Cool!

  16. Lol it’s preposterous how little logic he put into the process of this

  17. With the numbers remembering one it is a reference to the cursed numbers from the tv show lost. Look it up it’s a great show.

  18. I finally get question 28 since the last time I played. When was that? I have no clue.

  19. dont understand how some of the most obvious ones like boggy just fly by peoples heads (boggy) B lue O range G reen G reen Y ellow

  20. Teh reason there's all those glitches is because ur on the poki version

  21. There's a song out there, that is literally the answer to that puzzle it goes, sugar…………..oh honey honey, you are my candy girl!

  22. Nicro if you pressed tab it wouldve sent you to question 110 with all skips lol


  23. You got to be a madman to know this games thoughts, because the cleverness hurts my brain.

  24. 2:50 why is it that NOBODY can see the damn arrows? Is everybody blind?

  25. All of that dramatic buildup, only to end with a fart noise…
    It couldn't have been any more perfect

  26. When he answered nonce on the Michael Jackson question and got it right I felt that

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