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Clare Siobhán
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You guys told me to try the Impossible Quiz! Eevee is here to help me out, CAN OUR POWERS COMBINED COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE??? 🐶🤓
🔥 Play yourself and let me know how you do! –

🎮 Capture your gameplay the same way I do! 👉



  1. Polo has for because the top head part, the bottom body part and the two arm slots (not trying to hat or anything)

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm who else saw a flash of a pink shkry

  3. Ummmmmmmmm did anyone else get a flash of a pink shirt

  4. ummm…..clare……whinny is pronuced wine……sorry….

  5. I like your channel! I don't know why you get so much hate

  6. Clare I'm a bit late but your little bubble will always love you

  7. There are four holes in a polo SHIRT the neck, the two arms and the waist!

  8. number 3 is k.o because ever is backwards

  9. theres four because the bottom,sleeves,head

  10. Don’t listen to them Clare your amazing they don’t deserve to be a peacharoonie, stop being mean people

  11. Clare I tried to play this game but I failed and that is ok because after at least 100000000 times I got it and it was run

  12. Does anybody else feel the need to hate on those peoples channels? I won't because Clare wouldn't want us or me too but very tempting

  13. On the first question the answer is four because: hOw many hOles in a pOlO (there’s four O’s)

  14. love your channel so much that i even said your instead of Ur and i wouldn't even do that for my teachers even tho it brought my English grade down a little

  15. Every hater i have something to tell you y'all dont have to be mean just dont watch it or dont dislike just dont be mean you were being mean to clare WHAT IF I SAID YOUR DUMB STOP BEING JERKS be nice. Love u clare dont listen to what they say

  16. I think you should maybe think things through more and not going so fast. Also you should stop second guessing yourself.

  17. This made me so nostaglic Claire! My brother and I used to play this when we were kids and I never understood the answers either xD

  18. The reason it says there’s 4 holes in a polo is because there’s one hole in the a in a polo

  19. Not to be rude but I don't know your iq.

  20. Clare u are the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  21. with polo i think they meant the shirt. keep up the good work!

  22. OMG stop disliking 😡😡 I love Clare ❤❤

  23. O in how o in holes and then the 2 o in polo

  24. Omg, you crack me up so much how can people hate you? Oh..im in 2020 i need to catch up

  25. Clare don't listen to all the haters get you down your amazing no matter what they say to remember they are just jealous.

  26. I died laughing but in a good way. Thanks for making my day better 💙

  27. Forget about those cyber-bullies! We love you Clare! BTW; for the 7th letter of the alphabet one it’s: the alpHabet!

  28. Omg I can’t believe people would say those things to our peach queen!!! I love your responses though <3

  29. I'm so sorry that these people are soo rude I really hope that they don't hurt you btw I love you and your channel ♥️♥️♥️

  30. Love all your content just don't listen to the haters

  31. Yeah like everybody else said Clare you are smart don't listen to them dumb losers love you and your YouTube vids

  32. Awwwww clare my love 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  33. How many holes in |A polo| (1 IN THE |A| 1 IN THE |P| AND 1 IN both of the |O|'s) /sorry for the caps ,-.-/

  34. If its hard for you to watch……….WHY ARE YOU WATCHING!!!!!!!!!! Stop hating on clare

  35. now worris later on youtube you cant see how many dislikes er are want and 2021 can you not dislike

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